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Welcome to GEMINI Automation Systems

DMI ENGINEERING is the designer and manufacturer of the GEMINI range of electronic gate and garage door motors. Established in 1988 our products meet the very highest standard of quality, reliability, and strength and are widely used on both commercial and residential sites.

The GEMINI gate motor systems are rigidly built for reliability. The electronic control card on your motor makes provision for the several unique features, such as remote controlled gate opening, pedestrian opening facility, obstruction (“impact”) sensing, adjustable “auto close” facility, infra-red obstruction sensing facility (optional) and normal push button operations for your gate.

Our objective is that of making your life just that little bit more comfortable with the use of the gate and garage motors, but with safety as first priority. A dedicated group of independent gate and garage door motor installers is available if assistance is needed and our technical support is only a phone call away.

We also offer in-house repairs on all our motors!

Gate and Garage Door Motor Repairs

We offer in-house repairs on all our GEMINI range of motors stretching as far back as the first GEMINI AC sliding gate motor that was launched in 1989. The gate motor repair shop is located at our factory in 406 Asetileen Road, Silvertondale.

Testing is done on the counter to quickly identify the faulty components and replace if possible. Alternatively if a quotation or repair is needed a deposit of R240.00 is payable (when the motor gets booked in) as a labour charge for the motor to be stripped, tested and evaluated. This cost is non-refundable and subtracted of the final invoice. An estimated 2-3 days on your gate and garage door motors, would be a safe amount of time to reassure the client that his/her motor will be repaired up to the highest standard possible.

As soon as the motor is collected there is a 3 month warranty on all the repair work carried out. New electronic components will carry a full 12 month warranty as per the instruction manual.

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