Smart 12AH Slider

Smart 12AH Slider


Experience the pinnacle of gate automation with our revolutionary smart motor, designed to elevate your residential sliding gate system. Engineered for seamless integration into your everyday life, this operator is not just a mere accessory but a sophisticated solution for modern homes.

Capable of effortlessly handling a normal sliding gate up to +/- 6 meters in length, this smart motor delivers unparalleled performance, with the ability to open and close approximately 250 times a day. Boasting a starting pull force of approximately 33 Kgf and a rated pull force of 18 Kgf, it ensures smooth and reliable operation with every use.

Powered by a state-of-the-art 12-volt system and equipped with a robust 12 Ah battery, this motor ensures uninterrupted functionality, even during power outages. Alongside its exceptional performance, the unit includes essential accessories such as 2x remotes, a baseplate, learning stoppers, and an instruction manual for hassle-free installation.

Additionally, each unit comes with a 50ml oil supply to be applied to the gearbox, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. With a comprehensive warranty package, including a 2-year guarantee on mechanical parts and 1 year on electronic components, you can trust in the durability and reliability of our smart motor.

Experience the future of gate automation with our smart motor – where innovation meets convenience, ensuring peace of mind and effortless operation.

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Introducing the cutting-edge GEMINI Smart 12V Sliding gate motor, the epitome of intelligent gate automation for modern homes. Crafted with precision, this motor boasts a powerful 12 Volt direct current electrical motor, seamlessly propelling the rack pinion through a specialized reduction gearbox. Its self-contained design ensures effortless installation, securely anchored to a concrete base via a base plate for steadfast reliability.

What sets this motor apart is its smart functionality – it’s not just a gate motor, but a seamlessly integrated part of your connected home. With the convenience of smartphone control, you can effortlessly manage your gate from anywhere, anytime. Powered by a robust 12 Ah battery, it offers extended backup power, surpassing conventional models with ease.

Durability meets innovation with its weather-resistant enclosure, safeguarding against the elements for uninterrupted performance. Plus, programming is a breeze, ensuring hassle-free setup for users of all levels.

Backed by a comprehensive warranty, including a 2-year guarantee on mechanical parts and 1 year on electronic components, you can trust in its reliability. And with DMI Engineering’s commitment to ongoing support and repairs for all GEMINI gate motors, you’re assured peace of mind for years to come.

Experience the future of gate automation with the GEMINI Smart 12V Sliding gate motor – where intelligence meets convenience at your fingertips.

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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 36 × 28.5 × 40 cm

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