Pinion 16 Tooth

Pinion 16 Tooth


Our Pinion 16 Tooth Gear is the key to unlocking effortless gate automation. Crafted from robust brass, it seamlessly meshes with the gate rack, ensuring smooth and reliable operation every time.

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Introducing our high-quality Pinion 16 Tooth Gear for our GEMINI SEL Range of Gate Motors – the perfect solution for seamless gate automation! Crafted from durable brass, this gear is engineered for reliability and long-lasting performance, ensuring smooth operation of your gate system for years to come.

Designed to effortlessly mesh with the gear rack welded onto your gate, our Pinion 16 Tooth Gear efficiently translates rotational motion from the motor into linear motion, facilitating the smooth opening and closing of your gate. With 16 precisely crafted teeth, this gear strikes the ideal balance between speed and torque, providing optimal performance tailored to your gate’s needs.



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