GEMINI Slider Complex 24V SEL No rack

GEMINI Slider Complex 24V SEL No rack


This operator can be used on a normal +/- 6-meter Sliding gate that open and close +/- 400-openings per day with a starting pull force of +/- 33-Kgf and a rated pull force of +/- 18-Kgf . The operator is a 24-volt system with a 8-Ah battery. The unit comes with 2x remotes, baseplate, learning stoppers, instruction-manual and 50ml oil to be put into the gearbox before operation. There is a one-year guarantee on the electrical and electronic components and two years on the mechanical parts and workmanship.

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The GEMINI Complex 24V DC sliding gate motor is a self-contained unit, which comprises of a single 24 Volt direct current electrical motor that drives the rack pinion through a reduction gearbox. The base box is secured to the base plate, which in turn is cemented or bolted to a concrete base. Our 24V DC Sliding gate motor is battery driven which gives you backup in case of a power outage. The programming of the motor is hassle free and it’s easy to install. The complete unit is enclosed with a weather resistant lid and has a 1 year factory guarantee, as per the manual, on all mechanical and electronic components. – DMI Engineering offers repairs on all manufactured GEMINI gate motors from the first launched motors up until our latest releases. Replacement-parts are also readily available.


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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 37 × 32 × 50 cm

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