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A crucial part of keeping your automated gate up and running is ensuring that it is well maintained. There are a few important factors concerning the maintenance of your gate to keep its condition up to standard.


General Maintenance Considerations


  • The wheels should be fitted properly to the gate and should move freely on the track from start to end without seizing.
  • The metal rack should be properly secured to the gate with a 2mm space between the rack and the pinion gear of the motor so that it does not press down on the motor at any time of its travel. Ensure that your mechanical stops are in place to prevent the gate from moving past the roller guides and falling over.
  • The stoppers that come with the gate motor kit are very important and may not be ignored when the motor is installed.
  • Use roller guides on the gate to improve its mobility and keep the gate steady while it is being operated.
  • Avoid ingress of insects, water, mud, and sand into the machine as they can damage the motor and cause unnecessary expenses in the future.
  • Do not grease any part of the gate as it will attract dirt and turn into grinding paste making a minor problem much worse.
  • Always keep the track clean and clear of any debris on or near its path.
  • Ensure that there is a furrow to channel water away from the track to prevent water pooling.
  • Confirm that there are no bends in the rail where the wheels may become jammed or resist movement.
  • Avoid any difference in track height from start to end.

A labor charge of R240.00 is required in advance, as it covers the cost of disassembling, testing, and evaluating the motor. The client has the choice to either receive a repair quote or authorize DMI Engineering to proceed with the repair without a formal quote. If the latter option is chosen, the client will receive a quotation via email or WhatsApp. Should the client accept the quote, the R240.00 labor charge will be deducted from the total repair cost. However, if the quote is not accepted, the client will forfeit the R240.00 labor charge.

7-AH DC SLIDER 360 mm 285 mm 400 mm 14 Kg
12-AH DC SLIDER 360 mm 285 mm 400 mm 15 Kg
24V SLIDER COMPLEX-SEL 370 mm 320 mm 500 mm 20 Kg
RACK STEEL 4m 2010 mm 10 mm 55 mm 8 Kg
RACK NYLON 4m 2000 mm 50 mm 35 mm 5 Kg
DC SWING MASTER-211 440 mm 310 mm 340 mm 18 Kg
DC SWING SLAVE-212 440 mm 310 mm 340 mm 17 Kg
PEDESTAL 1040 mm 150 mm 180 mm 9 Kg
GARAGE DOOR MOTOR 400 mm 220 mm 190 mm 6 Kg
EXTRUSION-SECTIONAL 2930 mm 80 mm 120 mm 7 Kg
EXTRUSION-ROLL UP 2610 mm 80 mm 120 mm 5 Kg
EXTRUSION SECT-CARAVAN 3220 mm 80 mm 120 mm 7 Kg
EXTRUSION LONG 4220 mm 80 mm 120 mm 9 Kg
EXTRUSION TIP-UP 2610 mm 80 mm 120 mm 6 Kg
EXTRUSION ROLL UP-CARAVAN 3220 mm 80 mm 120 mm 6 Kg
ROLL UP DOOR STABILIZER 2698 mm 75 mm 50 mm 8.5 Kg
STABILIZER DOUBLE DOOR 1310 mm 65 mm 75 mm 3 Kg
STABILIZER BOX 345 mm 210 mm 200 mm 5 Kg


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