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Ensure gate is properly installed according to the instructions in the user manual. (Available on //


  1. Disengage the manual override lever (Red lever on new motors) and move the gate to the halfway position. Re-engage the override lever. Ensure that the gearbox has re-engaged by moving the gate till a clicking sound is heard and the gate cannot be moved by hand anymore.
  2. Press the test/remote control button. The gate must move to the closed position at slow speed and stop. If necessary, adjust the stopper position on the rack to ensure gate fully close.

If the gate moves to the open position on the first activation, the electrical motor direction is incorrectly set and must be reversed.
Refer to “Reversing the Electrical Motor Direction” in the respective manual for the correct procedure.

  1. The gate will remain in the closed position until activated .The gate will then move to the open position at slow speed and stop. If the stopper has been moved, disconnect the power (battery and charger). The motor will re-learn the stopper locations, and adjust stoppers accordingly.
  2. Perform an obstruction-sensing test. If necessary, refer to “Obstruction Sensitivity Adjustment” on Page 17 and adjust the obstruction sensitivity to ensure safe operation of the gate.
  3. Test the operation of the gate from inside the house by using the push button.

On the new type battery backup operator with the red lever, only Gemini remotes (Code hopping) will work on the on-board receiver, unless an extra receiver is bought and connected separately then the remotes compatible with the extra receiver will also work.

Gemini TX 1- Code Hopping.

Gemini TX 3- Code Hopping.

For the older type Gemini Operators an external receiver is used. This is plugged in or wired to the PCB. The remotes you use will depend on the type of receiver connected to the PCB.

For example a sentry receiver would require a sentry remotes/transmitters.

On the green Gemini PCB:

If the motor does not work with the battery connected and the red ‘engage’ lever properly closed.

Look at the “Status” light on the PCB if the “status” light flashes 4 times when trying to run the motor, it is a faulty reed switch.


To confirm the fault:

Press and hold the “Bypass” button on the PCB, then press the ‘test” button once. If the motor turns while holding the “bypass” button in and stops when releasing the “bypass” button, then it is definitely a faulty reed switch. Note: make sure motor is not on the Gate when doing this test seeing that it might cause damage to property if it is in the way of the gate.

The Gemini operator can be brought in for repairs at 406 Asetileen Street, Silvertonedale, Pretoria.

On the green Gemini PCB:

Check if the red LED’s are working:

  • If the “STATUS” LED or the “CHARGER” LED is working But the motor does not turn, replace the 16A fuse on the PCB and Test again.
  • If the red “CHARGER” LED is on and the 16A fuse is replaced, but the motor does not turn, it could be a faulty battery or PCB.
  • If none of the red LED’s comes on, replace the 3A fuse on the PCB and Test again.

If the STATUS red LED flashes 4x refer to the “The status light on my PC board (PCB) flashes 4 times and the motor does not turn when activated” FAQ above.

You are welcome to contact us at DMI Engineering if you have any more questions.

The Gemini operator can be brought in for repairs at 406 Asetileen Street, Silvertonedale, Pretoria.

To enhance the speed of your sliding gate motor and upgrade it, you can follow these steps:

1. Begin by removing the circlip that holds the standard 16 Teeth pinion in place on the motor.
2. Once the circlip is removed, you can take out the pinion itself.
3. Replace the existing pinion with a 20Teeth pinion.
4. By making this simple modification, you will significantly increase the speed of your gate.

This upgrade will result in a noticeable improvement in the gate’s movement, allowing it to operate at a much faster pace than before.



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